Shared Resources

livestreaming a presentation
Livestreaming a conference panel. Photo by Alan Levine.

BlendKit2014 faculty support blog posts.

Blended Learning course example and link to download course cartridge.

Student Self Check (2011) Google form of my weekly student self-check, inspired by Gardner Campbell’s APGAR for Class Meetings.


Is There A MOOC in Your Future? 2012 Frontiers in Education in Seattle, Invited Plenary Panelist.

Choose Your Own Teaching Adventure: Using Social Media in the Classroom (2012) Northwest International Education Association Spring Workshop, Everett Community College, Invited Speaker.

Unlearning 101: Secret Beliefs of Networked Teachers (2011) Community College Master Teacher Institute: Social Media and Social Change, at the UW Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, Invited Speaker.

Social Media for Learning : It’s Not About the Tools, It’s About the People! (2008) Workforce Education Council, Invited Speaker.

Collaborative Faculty Development and Open Educational Resources (2008) Workforce Education Council, Invited Speaker.

presentation feedback letter
Presentation feedback.

Jones, J., Gallaway, S., Frizelle, S., Blodgett, J. (2008) Stimulating Collaboration Through Social Media. Managing Educational Technology in a Web 2.0 World, Northwest College and University Council for Management of Educational Technology Annual Conference, Invited Speaker.

Jones, J. (2007). From Zero to Proficient in 140 Characters, National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies Washington State Working Connections IT Faculty Development Institute, Invited Keynote Speaker.


Archambault, L. & Barton, J. (2003). Cultural Blindness: Revelations in an Online Course on Valuing Cultural Diversity. ISTE NECC

Levitt, G. & Barton, J. (2003). New Frontiers in Cultural Diversity Education: Exploring Online Delivery. In C. Crawford et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference 2003 (pp. 569-571). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

Jones, J. (2009). Healthcare IT Program Guide.

Jones, J. (2008). Nurturing Informal Professional Development for eLearning Instructors. Accepted text book chapter I withdrew to self-publish.

Jones, J. (2007). Life Science Informatics Trends Analysis for Community and Technical College Program Builders, Vol. 3: Virtual Worlds (PDF)


What is all the fuss about MOOCs? (An ieee Computer Society interview)

My PLE A screencast introduction I created when I was invited to be a guest lecturer for a week in an online course.

Blog Comment Task A Screencast I created as an assignment introduction for students who are required to begin commenting on blogs from another course.

New Media Strategies A screencast tour describing the new media strategies I developed to support the Region A Community College Consortium to Educate Health IT Professionals.

Shifted Learning Podcast An episode where I was an invited guest.

Health IT Certificate Program Tour A screencast tour of a program I supported and used Wikispaces as the primary platform.

Connectivism and Connected Knowledge A demonstration video I made for the CCK08 MOOC.